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The Archi-Europe network has become in less than 20 years the most powerful and renowned portal site dedicated to the European architects community. Archi-Europe's network counts today over 170,000 European active members. Archi-Europe is the first web site entirely dedicated to a liberal profession: thanks to Archi-Europe, the architectural community finally has its own network. With Archi-Europe, architects have several tools at their disposal: projects presentations on an international scale, collaboration opportunities, complete information on all architecture related events in Europe, presentation of new building solutions developed by the European industry.

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Archi-News, published with the support of Archi-Europe, is an independent printed magazine containing interviews, articles, presentation of International architecture practices as well as reviews of the most interesting and recent architectural projects designed and created by architects.


Archi-News printed has a circulation of 14,000 copies and is published 2 times/year.


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Tokyo is the capital of Japan.